Relaxation since 1990 has been our job …

Our story began in 1990 on the balcony and bathroom of our paneled apartment. The bath salts were chosen as one of the characteristics of the region in which we live and where we later settled – the Solivar Prešov region. Today, the EZO brand, which we launched together with my wife, can be sold in most retail chains in Slovakia and in several European countries. We also export our products to the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.
We are one of the oldest manufacturers of wellness cosmetics in Slovakia. Four generations of families write this business story, preserving recipes and production traditions as well as the region. We offer hundreds of products in the field of cosmetics, and the flexibility of our production ensures that we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs or market trends.
We always place great emphasis on the quality of handmade products using first-class natural ingredients. We take into account the thousand years of aromatherapy.
Relaxing for over a quarter of a century is our job. Treat yourself to a home spa with our products and please let us know what you are testing.

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