Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
I. General provisions and definitions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) apply to business relations between the Buyer and EZO, p. r. o., with its registered office at Hviezdoslavova 7, 08001 Prešov IČO: 36474169, DIČ: 2020008837, IČ DPH: SK 2020008837. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Prešov, section Sro, file no. 12930/8, which is the operator of a trading system (hereinafter referred to as “the operator”) concluded through an electronic commerce system (hereinafter referred to as the “trade”).
In addition to the general provisions of the Civil Code, special regulations, in particular Act no. 1, apply to business relations (as well as other legal relations that may arise from it) with natural persons who do not act in concluding business contracts under these GBT within the scope of their business activities. . 108/2000 on Consumer Protection in Doorstep and Mail Order Sales, Act no. For business relations (as well as other legal relations that may arise from it) with legal entities, resp. with natural persons – entrepreneurs, the provisions of the Commercial Code, resp. Of the Civil Code.
The buyer is any person registered in the store (natural or legal) who has sent an electronic order processed by the store system after authorization.
An electronic order is a sent electronic form containing information about the buyer, a list of ordered goods from the offer of the shop and the price of these goods, processed by the shop system or e-mail sent to the seller’s address.
The conditions specify and specify the rights and obligations of the operator and the buyer and in their current wording form an integral part of the purchase contract.
Goods – products or services that are on offer by the operator for purchase through the store.
Services – providing consulting, expert, technical support.
Consumer – is a person who, when concluding and performing a consumer contract, does not act within the scope of its business or other business activity.
II. Order, conclusion of contract, withdrawal

The condition of validity of the electronic order is true and complete completion of all registration form required data and particulars. Each order must contain: name of the buyer, contact person, postal and invoicing address, telephone number, VAT ID, VAT ID, order code of the goods, number of pieces, date of order, payment method, method of receipt of goods. The seller handles orders in the order in which they arrive.
All received electronic orders are considered as a proposal to conclude a purchase contract and are not considered binding.
The acceptance of the proposal for the conclusion of the contract by the operator will occur by confirming the electronic order, which creates a legal relationship between the operator and the buyer.
In the event that the buyer fails to pay and take over the object of the purchase, the seller is entitled to claim compensation for damage caused by a breach of the obligation to which the contractual penalty applies. The contractual penalty is set at 20% of the purchase price. By paying the contractual penalty, the buyer is not relieved of the obligation to pay the purchase price in full.
If the Buyer is in delay with the takeover, the Seller may deposit the item at the Buyer’s expense in a public warehouse or other custodian, or sell it to the Buyer’s account upon notification. If it is a perishable matter and there is no time for the alert, there is no need for the alert.
The buyer has the right to cancel the order free of charge, only on the day the order is placed and if the products have not been invoiced by the seller. The order can be canceled by telephone or in writing (by fax, e-mail or post). The Seller shall confirm the cancellation of the order to the Buyer in writing (by fax, e-mail).
The buyer (consumer) is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods without giving any reason. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the buyer, who is obliged to send the undamaged goods to the company address as a shipment with agreed insurance against damage caused by the transport of the goods (not cash on delivery). The buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract if the goods were purchased in person at the company’s sales point.
In the event that the Buyer withdraws from the contract and delivers the goods to the Seller which is used and is damaged or incomplete, the Seller shall return to the Buyer the purchase price already paid for the goods stated in the binding acceptance of the order. § 457 of the Civil Code on the value of its wear in the amount of 1% of the total price of goods for each day of use of goods and the value of repair and restoration of goods within 14 days of receipt of withdrawal from the contract and return to the seller by bank transfer intended by the buyer.